Saturday, March 21, 2015

Part 11 - This is my life...

Another Tough time

When we move to Mindanao again...We try to live in General Santos City, my father since He has no degree, he just got a laborer job..a very less job in the Philippines..I went to continue my Elementary at Dadiangas South Elementary School..this time I was in grade six...every weekend, i went to the work place of my father, I learn to swim at the catch the fish (not live) but from the one thrown by my father..He learn to cheat...and I am the one who collect and sell...just to have an allowance for the school days....thank God (even that time, i don't have an idea about prayers) I survive my elementary school..with my own personal interest and effort, i managed to toke and entrance exam and passed for high school level at Mindanao State University..its the cheapest but in a high standard school. Well life goes on....on my second year high school, I learn some vices like cigar, wine and Marijuana thru my mates who always share my burdens...tough life because we experienced the same hardship....

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This is my LIFE

 Part 1
                                                           "Tough Start"
Hello, My real name is Julio Basultin, my nickname is Boybitz, if you are mad at me just call my real name, but if not then just call me Boybitz. I was born sometimes in 1966 by one of the poorest family in South Cotabato, Philippines. My parents were proud to be a farmer and a laborer. When you say "poorest in the Philippines" it means: sometimes in a day, we have nothing to eat...sometimes my father will just say to us before bedtime, " just drink a lot of water so that you will not feel hungry". We live for a very long period of time in very small typical "Barong-Barong" (shanty house) means that, that house have only one room...(in one room, we cook food, we eat, we converse, we sleep). Well, some says, "Don't despise your humble beginning" but for me, i am sorry I need to despise this very humble start.
       Because of the hardship we experienced, my father decided to move to his hometown..Barotac Viejo, Iloilo, to try to start and hoping that those hardship will ease..well, it worsen, until my mother died when i was in Grade 3. With that very young age I have to do the things that my mother did, like going with my father to go fishing just to earn a living. I learned to woke up at 3 am, and sleep late at night...then going to school late, without slippers and allowance. Our family then broke (not because of usual things like vices) but because my sisters and brothers need to do something to make them survive, they look for somebody who will let them work for food and school.
       My father decided again to move back to Mindanao just to try again, expecting that our life will experience a little bit easy this time....

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


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Sunday, November 25, 2012

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Zealand Parliament

I remember back to my childhood, we live in a very small house  called "KUBO" in the town of Barotac Viejo Iloilo, in that house we only have one room, there we eat our meals, we sleep and we received our visitors, in short our house is not only a house but also a function room. We move to General Santos City for good, and God blessed us with a small house, this time even its a small but it is not KUBO, it has 2 bedrooms, with my 4 kids, just a little bit comfortable for us. Desire and prayer is what i did, because i know its just a beginning, until i reached the place where my sister live. Here in New Zealand, i cannot imagine the blessing of the creator on this land. How God gave His favor like this to this country but not to the Philippines, the peace, the economy and even in politics, not turning down my country, but if God will give me another chance to choose, i will go in this place. We went to the parliament one night for a prayer@Parliament, i was amazed because there are no guards in the Palace, we went inside and there are only two (2) guards, one Filipino and one Indian national who made the inspections. We meet in that occasion some Members of the Parliament, they are like ordinary people, no body guards and etc. and the most exciting is when we meet our very own Philippine Ambassador to New Zealand no other than Her Excellency Ambassador Virginia H. Benavidez, She is also a born again Christian, and she blessed us with a minute of conversation. How she wish that God will bless the Philippines. That wish is also our wish..God Bless the Philippines.